CBS Membership, Greater New York Metropolitan Region & Northeastern USA, Past, Present & Future:

Membership in our greater NYC-ACBS  metro community is a work in progress.  The greater New York region, in spite of being the original home to some some of the founders of first and second wave cognitive-behavioral traditions, is only relatively recently seeing a third generation (contextual behavioral science) re-emergence.  Some of the seminal contextual CBT therapies e.g., DBT and other acceptance and mindfulness oriented therapies,  did originally emerge in the Stony Brook, Long Island area.  Over the past few years, contextual behavioral traditions are an exponentially growing presence in our professional community in the Eastern USA.  Help us to grow that community by getting involved locally.

Full NYC-ACBS Chapter Membership:

As stated on the Join Page, Chapter membership in NYC-ACBS requires simultaneously becoming  a member of ACBS International, a worldwide professional organization with more than 7,000 members. Details about becoming a member of both can be found on the Join Page.

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