Full ACBS International and NYC-ACBS Chapter Membership:

Getting involved with NYC-ACBS is as easy as contacting our membership chair, Amanda Aster, at greaternycacbs@gmail.com to let us know you  are interested in membership.  You will find an array of benefits, discounts, services, and other attractive perks available to you only through full ACBS International membership, together with local NYC-ACBS membership. Reasons to join us are plentiful, as outlined below; and discounted rates available to ACBS members for Chapter events will almost immediately result in the membership paying for itself.  
As a matter of policy, ACBS International requires that all local chapter members are also full members of ACBS international.  The commitment to ACBS International is a true values-based contribution to be determined by you (see membership options below).  It is only with full ACBS membership, that one can also become a full official founding member of the NYC-ACBS Greater Metropolitan Region Chapter.  

Benefits of ACBS International Membership
Paid ACBS membership (professional, student, or affiliate) provides the following benefits:

  1. Full access to the website and premium content. Links to the following resources are viewable only when logged into your current, paid ACBS member account:

  2. Access to the ACT & RFT listservs (for professionals and students only).

  3. Access to JCBS (Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science), for practitioners and researchers.

  4. Your profile listed in the ACT Therapist Directory on our site, if you so choose (professional members only).

  5. Contributing privileges to add content to the site (publications, blogs, comments, book pages, training events, etc.).

  6. Voting privileges in ACBS elections.

  7. Eligibility to join to any of our Chapters and Special Interest Groups -- or start your own!

  8. Networking with other ACT and RFT professionals around the world via our extremely activeListservs.

  9. Discounted ACBS World Conference registration.

  10. Supporting an organization that supports you!

ACBS International Annual Membership Fees:  

Professional Member
Professional members are individuals who have a terminal degree relevant to the purpose of ACBS. 
(Suggested membership fee $60; minimum membership fee $10.)

 Student Member
Student members are undergraduate and graduate students in the behavioral sciences. 
(Suggested membership fee $30; minimum membership fee $10.)

 Affiliate Member
Affiliate members are members of the public with interests in the purpose of ACBS. 
(Suggested membership fee $30; minimum membership fee $10.)

Benefits of NYC-ACBS Membership:
Join now for free and become a founding member of our New York Metropolitan Region Chapter.  

  • Identified as founding member NYC-ACBS
  • Discounts to major and minor CBS related training events
  • Discounts to local ACT Study-Practice Group fees
  • Email notification summary of all local Northeast ACT and CBS events
  • Local Networking - marketing of your name and practice, contact information on our website
  • Local Networking via NYC-ACBS social events and virtual community
  • Access to virtual CBS community (website blog, Google groups, Yahoo groups, Facebook group)
  • Eligibility for NYC-ACBS board nominations
  • Participation in contributing to the growth of CBS nationally by being involved locally
  • Scholarship Funds & Stipends for Students & Post-docs

FEES:  Member Fees in NYC-ACBS are currently strictly donation & value based only, not required for membership.  Give what you feel our organization may be worth to you.  Some suggested donations are noted below in the paypal button.  If you would like to contribute feel free to use the button below.  


Looking to pre-pay online for an upcoming training or event hosted by NYC-ACBS? Feel free to use the PayPal button below.